Fiduciary Sector Strategic Plan – Meeting with the Under Secretary to the President of the Republic

On Thursday, March 19th, the Cyprus Fiduciary Association held a meeting with the Under Secretary to the President of the Republic, Mr Constantinos Petrides. The purpose of the meeting was to deliver to Mr Petrides the Strategic Plan for the Fiduciary Sector, as this was drafted during the CFA Forum in November 2014 and was formed into a strategic plan with a list of 30 action points under the fields of public sector, compliance, products & services, regulation, and promotional activities.

During the meeting, the Association’s representatives had the opportunity to brief Mr Petrides on the latest developments in the fiduciary and international business sector, point out certain issues that require immediate action, analyse the vision for the sector and the Cyprus economy, and provide further information on the Association’s current efforts on creating a broader coalition for facing current and upcoming challenges.

Mr Petrides was very interested in what we had to say and got the opportunity to go through many of the points on the list to give us a brief update on their current status. He stated that such initiatives are very helpful and repeated the government’s intention to put every effort in further developing the services sector in Cyprus. He realises the need for single regulation and common voice for the industry, something that will also help the government to promote policy issues more easily and more effectively. The Under Secretary requested CFA to keep them informed on our next actions and promised to have the government’s support in promoting those reforms that will advance our sector and the Cyprus economy.