2019 SEMINAR 6: Fund Administration Seminar

July 2019

Total number of participants: 32

The Cyprus Fiduciary Association ( organised one (1) independent half-day (4 hour) seminar titled “Fund Administration Seminar. (04 July 2019, EIMF Premises, Nicosia).

The seminar was addressed primarily to professionals working within the Funds sector or wish to engage in the industry and are interested in the fund administration process.

The instructor of the seminar was Mr Alex Kartallis.

The objective of the seminar was to provide participants to attain an overview of the fund administration playing field, highlighting the roles and responsibilities of fund administration, the latest developments in managing the fund administration process and procedures, as well as briefly consider the expertise to identify and manage sources of risk in fund servicing thus ensuring effective risk control, the major players in fund administration, the ability to maintain the fund’s compliance with regulatory rules, the setting up a Fund, Fund Operations, Fund Valuation & Accounting, Transfer Agency and Risk & Compliance.